The SLO Personal Contact Manager

The SLO Personal Contact Manager

Grab a fully featured 7-day free trial. No credit card required

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Maximise the value of your client list with
the SLO Personal Contact Manager

Kept up-to-date and well organised, your list helps you win repeat or extra business from existing customers and clients, and allows you to discover others that may want to buy from you. This process is made easy using the SLO Personal Contact Manager ... or just PCM to its friends

Want to organise everyone you know and reach out to them by phone, email
and text? Need to keep track of vital conversations? Want to know when you last spoke to someone, or when you need to speak to them again? PCM can even send a nudge email each morning to remind you who you need to reach out to

How about quickly searching for other businesses that may want to buy from you and getting new contacts added directly to PCM, including their phone number, business email address and social links

Unlike mainstream Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that larger organisations use, PCM doesn't have to be all things to all people and isn't stuffed with a thousand different functions you'll never use, but still pay for

Perfect for the self-employed, solo entrepreneurs, partnerships, virtual assistants, freelancers, consultants, and small businesses owners across the UK

Whether you work B2B or B2C, grab one of our fully featured 7-day free trials and experience the power of PCM for yourself

PCM comes in three different flavours

You can test the entire PCM system with one of our fully-featured 7-day free trials then subscribe to the version that best fits your needs




Your own SSL secured private URL

Unlimited number of contacts

Full social connections for each contact

Unlimited notes (with auto timestamp)

Up to 32 custom sections

Last contact date (customisable traffic lights)

Next contact date (customisable traffic lights)

Show/hide contacts from ALL section

Custom column headings and sorting

Custom sector drilldown

Custom location drilldown

Easy CSV import

One click CSV export

Contacts can be added to a single section only

Contacts can be added to multiple sections

Customisable personalised emails

Customisable personalised SMS messages

Search for any type of business anywhere in the UK






If you decide you love PCM during your trial, just hit one of the subscribe options and enter your credit/debit card details. We use Square Pay to process your monthly subscription and never see your card details

Square Pay will send you receipts for your records and you can cancel at any time. Should a subscription lapse, we will delete your PCM after 30-days so we can comply with the United Kingdom's data protection laws. Please be aware that once deleted, your contacts cannot be retrieved

Secure and easy to log in

Every PCM has it's own unique SSL-secured domain name which is specified when you first subscribe. You can change your username and password at any time and we can even give you a custom domain name if you need it!

Unlimited contacts & notes

Manually add as many contacts as you like and organise them in to 32 customisable sections. Take lots of notes and drill down into industries, locations and more. All the information you need is right at your fingertips!

Last & next traffic lights

Want to know when you last spoke?
How about when you need to reach out to them again? Our Last and Next Contact columns can be sorted into red, amber and green. Tag who you need to put on today's important call list!

Unlimited email & SMS templates

Create custom emails and SMS text messages so you can standardise what you send out quickly and easily via your own mail client. Add your own sig and click send. Personalise with a contact's first name for better engagement!

Tweak PCM to work the way you want

There are so many ways to customise your copy of PCM. Show, hide or rename columns, change the sort orders, show/hide profile pics as well as quickly set many different flags to make PCM work the way you want it to!

Import, export and move contacts

Import CSV files and export either all contacts or just a section's worth to CSV. Move all your contacts to another section or add a note to them with just a few clicks. Even show and hide them in the All section!

Search any profession in any location

For PCM Advanced users only, you can search for any profession in up to 10 locations at once and add the contacts it finds automatically to your PCM. Then you can organise and reach out to them however you like!

Demo data included

Get off to a flying start with your copy of PCM by turning on and off 50 demo contacts and do with them as you wish. Although these contacts are all made up, we wouldn't text the numbers or send an email, but apart from that, go for it!

Choose your colour scheme

We've included a wide range of colour schemes to let you work with the colours most comfortable for your eyes. Open the themes popup and click something you like to change all the colours. It's as simple as that!

Unlimited help and support

Start a conversation with us and we'll get you sorted. When you need training on a particular feature, we can jump on a Zoom call and show you how to do it using your own copy of PCM. Our subscribers get all the help they need!

Would you like us to import your data for you?

We're happy to import an Excel spreadsheet of contacts for you, free of charge, once you subscribe to PCM. For overly large or complicated imports, there may be a small, one-off charge for this service

We are registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office so you can be sure we will keep any data you send us safe and secure at all times

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