Are You Looking To Grow Your Networks?

We all want to grow our networks and regularly trawl Google Search and social media sites such as Linkedin looking for new connections. But what if there was an quicker, easier way?

Here it is ... it's called The SLO Personal Contact Manager, or just PCM to its friends. Once you log in to your own SSL-secured PCM, go to the SEARCH tab, decide if you want to search the entire country, just a specific county, or the towns within that county ... enter a profession ... and away you go.

"It's as simple as that!"

PCM will go off and look for who you want to find and will return new contacts directly into PCM, including email address, telephone number and social connections (yes, Linkedin as well!). You can then reach out to these new contacts by phoning them, using custom emails or our brilliant HTML based mailers... or just click through to social and connect with them there. It's entirely up to you how you make that connection.

We've got all the countries, counties and towns of the United Kingdom built in, so just click and go. This turns the important task of growing your networks from an active one, to a background one. What if you could find 100 potential new contacts in less than 10-minutes, while you're doing something else?


Carry on with your client work while PCM is searching, or even start a search at lunchtime, safe in the knowledge you'll get the results when you get back into the office? Then organise them how you want using our powerful database.

PCM is a powerful tool for any small business looking to grow their networks, and we'd love you to try out one of our fully-featured 7-day free trials and see for yourself just how good PCM is.