Back To Basics: Why PCM Is A Great Customer Database

We talk often about the benefits of our search tools and mailing list system so it seems like our database has lost a little of its shine. This isn't true because it is the heart of PCM and we'd like to tell you more about it ...

The heart of any good CRM is its database. Whenever we talk about the 'Organise' part of PCM, we mean our database. It is a place to organise your customers, clients, friends, family ... well, anyone you need to keep contact details for really, and it is very good at what it does.

"You can choose either 'Simple' or 'Advanced' sectioning!"

This is where your contacts are either included in one section only or included in multiple sections. If you're going to use PCM as a marketing tool (so make use of searching for new customers and clients, then email them using our mailing list system) we recommend using Simple sectioning. If you intend to use PCM as a pure customer or client database and need contacts in multiple sections then choose Advanced instead.

Each contact has a 'last contact' and a 'next contact' date and these can be made to go green, amber or red depending on the thresholds you choose in Settings. We'll even send you an email each morning listing anyone on your red list, reminding you to log in to PCM and get in touch (then change the last or next contact dates).

And you can take copious amounts of notes too! We have an entire section dedicated to notes and PCM will even flag them with the date and time so you'll know when it was that you had a conversation with a particular contact. The notes will help you remember what you spoke about too.


Don't forget that with each contact, you can connect to them on social media too. Although you can switch on and off certain channels (for example, you may never use Twitter or Instagram, so why waste the space?) these icons give you a quick way to jump to social media for any particular contact.

And finally, we have custom emails and SMS text messaging which means you can send personalised, pre-written emails and texts to your contacts. With custom emails, you use your own mail client to send them, and with SMS, although they're sent via PCM, you'll get any replies directly to your own mobile.

"PCM is a uniquely British CRM, designed exclusively for small business owners across the United Kingdom!"

We want all of our subscribers to grow their business using PCM and we're here to help you whenever you need us. From different Zoom-based training sessions to support by phone or online when you need help, just reach out and we'll get you sorted.