Improving The Deliverability Of Your HTML Mailers

You may be aware that The SLO Personal Contact Manager, or just PCM to its friends, has two ways of sending email. Firstly, we have the custom emails that go out via your own email client and secondly, we have our own built-in HTML mailer module ...

When sending custom emails, all the deliverability issues should be taken care of by your email provider. Besides, you're only sending one custom email to one recipient at any one time, so mail servers tend to look kindly on emails like this.

But what if you want to send an email to hundreds, maybe even thousands of contacts all at the same time? This is where our own built-in HTML mailer module comes in!

We built our first HTML mailer module over 10 years ago for our blogging business and ever since, we have sent out mailers to our client's email lists each and every week for them, often getting over 50% open rates and 15% click-throughs. So, we know something about sending emails.

PCM's built-in mailer module has been created from all this knowledge and experience and improves on what we already had. Not only can you check common spam words as you build a mailer, but you can also test it against Spam Assassin and get a deliverability score between 0 and 10. If you get a 0, then under no circumstances should you send that mailer; we always aim for a 10, but anything over 8.5 is usually good to go.

"A score of 10 will obviously have the best chance of being delivered to inboxes!"

So, how can you get a score of 10? Well, obviously, don't have many spam words in there. Don't build a mailer of pure imagery and don't have too much HTML either. A balance of text, images and HTML works best, but there are a couple of things you can do to improve your overall deliverability.

These are by adding our mail server to your domain's SPF record and also asking us to generate a DKIM key that you can add to your DNS. These prove that our server has permission to send an email on your behalf, and that you're the one actually sending it.

SPF and DKIM records are invariably a techie thing, so when setting up PCM to send HMTL mailers, you're going to need to coordinate between us and whoever looks after your domain name (probably your web designer). We'll let them know what to add to your existing SPF record and we'll create a DKIM record for them to add to your DNS.

You can't send HTML mailers from PCM until this is done!

We're not like MailChimp and we don't have a million IP numbers which we can throw away when they get blacklisted. We want to ensure all of our subscribers can send HTML mailers whenever they like, so we'll always help you get your DNS correct and test both SPF and DKIM records before we turn on the sending functionality.

If you have PCM Ultimate and want to send HTML mailers, get in touch and we'll help get you started.