New Morning Red List Emails Prompt You To Reach Out

We're always thrilled to chat with our subscribers, even more so when they make great feature suggestions that will benefit everyone who uses the SLO Personal Contact Manager ...

One such suggestion was made recently by subscribers Will and Ben at a recent meeting, and when another subscriber Chris said he'd like the same, then how could we refuse?

The suggestion they made was for a way for their own PCMs to let them know who has gone red in their Last Contact or Next Contact columns. If you remember, we have a traffic light system in these two columns, with the dates going amber or red based on the subscribers own choices.

"We listened and we got coding!"

Now, every weekday morning, they'll get an email straight to their inboxes listing everyone in both their Last Contact and Next Contact columns that have gone red, encouraging them to log in and reach out to their contacts. This is an automated service and is available in all versions of PCM. It's even available during one of our fully-featured 7-day free trials.

All a subscriber needs to do is open the Flags popup dialog box and tick the 'Send morning update' checkbox at the bottom. It's as easy as that! Then, from 8am the next morning, they'll start getting their own red list emails.

This is a great innovation that makes PCM more proactive rather than waiting for the subscriber to react to their red list when they remember. When one subscriber wondered if a daily email would become annoying, our answer was "well, isn't that the point?". He definitely agreed.

If you're a small business owner in the United Kingdom, then do grab a fully-featured 7-day free trial and see for yourself how powerful the SLO Personal Contact Manager is.

We know you're going to love it.