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Meet the team behind the SLO Personal
Contact Manager

Full disclosure, PCM is just out of beta testing so yes, it's just one girl
and her computer right now (but it's a darn powerful computer), and everyone has to start somewhere! I'll add people to the team as my subscriber base grows in the next few months, but for now, here's some stuff about me

Steffi Lewis, creator of the SLO Personal Contact Manager


Web developer, blogger, photographer, videographer, streamer, foodie, rambler, cat lover, fish keeper, sci-fi nut, ex-biker, brain aneurysm and cancer survivor, countryside dweller, and creator of The SLO Personal Contact Manager.

A 30+ years veteran web developer with knowledge of Windows servers, SQL Server, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, and CSS. Using my knowledge and inspiration to create, maintain and enhance PCM exclusively for small businesses in the UK.

I've also worked as a professional photographer in Los Angeles, USA and been a vision mixer and producer for live television in my time.

Web development has always been my passion though, and PCM is my crowning achievement.

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