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A Quick Overview Of Prospecting With PCM Advanced

Our most powerful feature ...

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Posted by The SLO Media PCM Team on 07/02/2022 @ 8:00AM

Although The SLO Personal Contact Manager is a very powerful contact database in its own right, packed with features any small business owner will use, the most powerful feature it has is our prospecting tool ...

Remember, the prospecting results are added directly to your PCM!

Remember, the prospecting results are added directly to your PCM!

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For small businesses who want to grow their business and have searched Google manually before, our prospecting tool is a no brainer because it does what they've already been doing, in a tenth of the time.

"What does it do differently from a manual search?"

Well, if you're a small business owner searching Google manually, there's going to be a lot of copy and pasting between your web browser and your spreadsheet, then a lot of visiting websites looking for contact details and social media links to add to your new record. Our prospecting tool does all that for you, so you can get on with doing other things.

How long do you spend per week manually searching Google, then going to websites looking for details then copying and pasting into your spreadsheet before sending them an email? If you say an hour a day, our prospecting tool can get the same results in around 5 minutes.

It's as simple as this ... enter a profession ... enter a location ... hit search ... go and make a nice cup of tea. Well, actually, you may be making a sandwich as it can take some time to return results because it has a lot to do. It depends on which version of our prospecting tool you want to use.

  • Firstly, we have our County Level search.

    Enter a profession and enter a county and it will drill down 200 records for you. So, if you entered 'Plumber' in 'Derbyshire', it would be looking all over that county for plumbers and return up to 200 of them directly into PCM.

  • Secondly, we have our Town Level search.

    This lets you get more specific, but reduces the depth of the search. So, to continue with our previous example, you could search for 'Plumber' in 'Glossop, Buxton and Bakewell' instead. The search depth for each 'town' would be 20 compared with 200 for the county level search, but if you enter 10 towns you can still get up to 200 results.

The two different searches can be switched between clicking the word 'Location' which is an active link. One useful thing to note is that in Town Level search, it remembers the locations you entered because it's really annoying having to remember and retype the locations if you are searching multiple times for a number of related professions.

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