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Do You Know When You Last Spoke To A Customer?

How about when you need to speak to them next?

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 29/11/2021 @ 8:00AM

When I created the SLO Personal Contact Manager, one of the tasks I needed was keeping track of when I last spoke to someone. This was mainly to arrange 121s with other BNI colleagues, but I it was so useful, I added in a 'next contact' column too ...

If you're wondering when you last spoke to a customer, our traffic light system is a game-changer!

If you're wondering when you last spoke to a customer, our traffic light system is a game-changer!

copyright: thomas b / pixabay

Imagine logging into your own personal PCM, clicking the LAST column heading and seeing all your contacts sorted so that the ones you spoke to a long time ago are at the top, and the ones you spoke to recently are at the bottom? And it also uses a red/amber/green colour scheme so you can quickly tell what's what.

"Just tag each of your contacts that have a red date, and you've got your call list ready for the day!"

The same goes for the NEXT contact column, but the other way around. When you set a date for the next contact, if it's a long time away it's green, and it goes amber then red as the date approaches. Again, click the column heading for NEXT and it'll give you the people you need to contact soonest, and you can just tag them so they appear at the top ready for you to contact.

The Last Contact and Next Contact columns are major selling points for the SLO Personal Contact Manager. Some of our subscribers have called this functionality a "gamechanger" and another said that it "really makes keeping track of who I need to call so simple!" I'm pleased they're enjoying their experience of PCM!

So, I've just used my own PCM to discover I need to arrange 121s with two BNI Sterling members for this week. I last had a 121 with them back in February and, as I've set my copy of PCM to go red at 6 months, it's now time to give them a call and set up those meetings.

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