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The SLO Personal Contact Manager

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Getting Organised With Your SLO Personal Contact Manager

It's far better to get it right from the start ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 29/06/2021 @ 8:00AM

When you choose the SLO Personal Contact Manager (PCM), it's very easy to get started, but getting it organised to your liking may be a little more challenging ...

There are many ways to organise the contacts in your SLO Personal Contact Manager!

There are many ways to organise the contacts in your SLO Personal Contact Manager!

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We'll always help you get set up. From doing an initial import and ensuring all your existing contacts are in your PCM, we're here to give you whatever advice and support you need to help you get the best from it.

"The first thing to think about is how
to organise your contacts!"

There are 32 sections available and you need to decide at this point how you're going to organise all of your contacts. Are you going to include a classic sales workflow such as Leads, First Contact, Discover, Quotation and Customer or Client? Or do you want to simply organise your business contacts into the networking groups you attend?

Personally, we do a hybrid of both. We go down the sales workflow route initially, but as we're part of a BNI group, we also have sections organising our chapter as well as visitors and invites. Additionally, we have a suppliers section too.

Deciding on how you're going to organise your contacts is very important in the initial stages. It's ok if you want to reorganise your contacts later on because we include tools for bulk-moving contacts to new sections, so if you change your mind later on, you can reorganise everyone you know at your leisure.

I have read and agree to your Terms & Conditions and wish to start my fully featured 7-day free trial of PCM

The assigned name for my PCM will be based on my email address and I can request it be changed via the PCM team once I subscribe

Please remember to whitelist all message from the domain in your mail client to ensure we reach your inbox

In addition, on the ALL section, you have a drop-down menu on the right-hand side that gives you the ability to drill down further. By default, this is for the industry of each of your contacts so you could find all the bookkeepers you know or all the plumbers. But you can use this dropdown field for anything you like. One of our users has set this to Month/Year so she can see what appointments she has in a month to ensure she doesn't get overly busy.

And lastly, do you want Simple Sectioning or Advanced Sectioning? Simple Sectioning is where you only have one contact in one section at a time (simple hey?) whereas Advanced means each contact could be assigned to all 32 sections if you choose.

Again, this is something that needs deciding beforehand, but as it's very easy to change in the future, we always recommend you start with Simple Sectioning then jump into Advanced Sectioning when you get used to PCM and are using it efficiently.

"We're always there to help you!"

However, you choose to organise your data, we'll be there to help you every step of the way to ensure you can use your SLO Personal Contact Manager as efficiently as possible. Just hit the HELP option in the top-right menu and let's see how we can help you.

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