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How Many Hours Do You Spend On Google Prospecting?

If you're doing it properly, it'll be a lot ...

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Posted by The SLO Media PCM Team on 22/08/2022 @ 8:00AM

Many small business owners want to grow their income, but have a difficult time of it. With all the marketing you need to do, it can be quite exhausting. Networking, websites and social media all take up so much time ...

Prospecting with PCM is quick and easy and just becomes a background task rather than taking your entire attention!

Prospecting with PCM is quick and easy and just becomes a background task rather than taking your entire attention!

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So, you revert to the one place you are guaranteed to find new businesses you could reach out to, and that's Google. Searching Google for other businesses you could sell your products and services to, harvesting their contact details from their website then getting in touch with them. But this can take hours and hours and hours a week to build even the simplest of lists.

"Shouldn't you be doing some actual work for your existing customers and clients?"

We heard of one chap in Leicester who spends up to 10 hours a week prospecting on Google. He decides what industry he's interested in that week then types it something like 'Plumbers in Leicestershire' into Google, gets a pile of results then goes to each and every website in the results, grabs the contacts details, and adds them to a spreadsheet. Rinse and repeat until he's gone cross-eyed.

We showed him the PCM search tool and he loved it. now he's one of our loyal subscribers. Instead of spending 10 hours a week of dedicated time searching Google and manually grabbing those new contacts, he just uses PCM in the background. So, he's doing client work on one screen and running searches on another.

All he needs to do is type in 'Plumber' and choose 'Leicestershire' from our county list and PCM goes off and grabs a whole bunch of new contacts and adds them including telephone number, email address and social connectors. Once he's initiated the search, he just carries on working while it's doing its thing.

"But the PCM search tool isn't just
for Plumbers in Leicester!"

Look for any profession anywhere in the United Kingdom, or just Scotland or in Buckinghamshire or even the major towns in your vicinity. When we say 'any profession anywhere in the United Kingdom' we mean it! Wherever you are, whatever profession you're looking for, wherever you want to find them ... PCM will give you the results you need.

A cloud-based contact manager designed exclusively for UK small business owners ...

YourPCM is the growth engine for administrators, networkers and marketers alike. Organise everyone you know, search for new businesses you don't and reach out to them all using custom email, SMS and our unique HTML mailing list system

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And what do you do with them then? Firstly, use PCM's own contact management database to organise them into 32 sections. Take detailed notes of conversations, know when you last spoke to someone and when you've agreed to talk again and create custom email templates for some 'low-volume' outreach using your own email client.

Or you could plug that data into one of our trackable HTML mailers for a 'high-volume' outreach. Just build your list, create your own mailer (or get us to do it), send it out and wait for the responses. PCM will track opens, clicks and unsubscribes for you so you'll know how effective your mailer is.

"Designed exclusively for small business owners
in the United Kingdom!"

PCM is the perfect all-in-one cloud-based contact management solution. We'd love you to grab a fully-featured 14-day free trial and try PCM out. No credit card is required, and there's a ton of free training and support included.

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