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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 02/05/2022 @ 8:00AM

We're pleased to tell you about the SLO Personal Contact Manager, or just PCM to its friends. It's a special kind of CRM (we prefer 'personal contact manager' of course) designed exclusively for the self-employed, small business owners and solo entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom ...

The SLO Personal Contact Manager is the perfect solution for anyone who is self-employed, a small business owner or a solo entrepreneur!

The SLO Personal Contact Manager is the perfect solution for anyone who is self-employed, a small business owner or a solo entrepreneur!

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If you're in business, you'll know that your database is the most important asset in your business. But if that database comes in the form of a pile of business cards, is a bunch of pages in a tatty old notebook, or is even a super simple Excel spreadsheet, then where is the value in that?

"PCM comes in three distinct flavours, PCM Lite, PCM Standard and PCM Advanced!"

PCM Lite lets you organise everyone you know, and connect with them on social and the web. PCM Standard lets you organise everyone you know, connect with them on social and the web, then reach out to them using custom, personalised email and SMS templates. And finally, PCM Advanced lets you do all that great stuff we've listed above, as well as find any type of business, anywhere in the UK.

Apart from being able to specify any profession in any location, before you hit search, tell it if you want only it to find new business contacts with email addresses, or if you're specifically targeting the smallest businesses, contacts with a mobile number. Or both ... it's up to you. It'll automatically add these new contacts to PCM for you, and discover their other channels so you can connect and reach out via social too.

"And if you repeat a search, it'll never duplicate a record as it remembers who it found for you before!"

We love the SLO Personal Contact Manager and so do our users. Phrases such as, "a real gamechanger", "works the way I want it to", "allows me to reach out to my customers the way they want" and even, "I've tried a lot of CRMs and PCM is the best I've used" are all testimonials we adore.

We're so confident that The SLO Personal Contact Manager will work for you and your business that we're offering a fully-featured 7-day free trial with no credit card required. We've even got demo data you can switch on and off again, so you can have a real play with PCM and decide if it's right for you.

Search, organise, reach out and grow ...

Designed exclusively for small business owners in the United Kingdom, PCM is the perfect all-in-one cloud-based contact management solution.

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If you love PCM as much as we do, sign up via Square Pay using the checkout links and we'll offer you a free data import of your existing spreadsheets to get you off to a flying start. Training and support is always available as and when required.

"PCM Lite is £4.99 per month, PCM Standard is £9.99 and PCM Advanced is just £19.99!"

With unlimited contacts, unlimited notes, unlimited custom emails, unlimited custom SMS and even unlimited searches, you can be sure the SLO Personal Contact Manager is the perfect contact management solution for anyone who is self-employed, a small business owner or a solo entrepreneur.

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