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Posted by The SLO Media PCM Team on 18/07/2022 @ 8:00AM

When you're looking for new prospects, being able to select a single profession in a specific location and get a list of new contacts would be an amazing timesaver. What if you could do that quickly and easily, then reach out to them?

Put a rocket under your prospecting with PCM Advamced!

Put a rocket under your prospecting with PCM Advamced!

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When Steffi created the SLO Personal Contact Manager (PCM), she knew she wanted it to be more than just a place where you could organise and reach out to everyone you know. It does this very, very well indeed, but it needed a 'killer feature' as we call it in the tech world.

"And now it's got just that, in PCM Advanced!"

This gives you all the amazing features of the Standard Edition of our Personal Contact Manager, but now makes prospecting really easy too! Find the types of businesses you want to talk to and add them automatically to your contact manager so you can get in touch by phone, email and text message later on.

So, here's how it works ... in the New tab, if you've subscribed to PCM Advanced, you'll see a new form at the top of the section. Enter a profession in the first box and a location in the second box (the examples are 'Plumber' in 'Milton Keyes'). If you only want new contacts that have a public email address available, leave that option checked, then hit the SEARCH, button and go make a nice cup of tea.

Enter a profession, enter a location then click the search button. It's as simple as that!

Yes, it does take a few minutes to collect all the data for you as it has a lot of work to do, so be patient, don't click anything on the page until it returns after a couple of minutes, and you'll be presented with a bunch of new contacts for your chosen profession in your chosen location, all with a phone number, email address and social connections.

The clever thing is that you can do searches for the same profession in multiple locations, so if you found a new contact for 'Plumber' in 'Milton Keynes', and it finds it again on a search for 'Plumber' in 'Northampton', you won't get a duplicate record even if you've moved the original contact out of New and into a different section.

There is a small caveat though! We dislike spam as much as you do, so as a responsible business, we don't want to contribute to the wave of useless messages washing around the Internet. We don't allow records discovered via our search tool to be exported for use in the likes of MailChimp during your fully-featured 14-day free trial.

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Instead, use our Standard Email feature to send personalised, individual emails via your own mail client and you'll have a far better chance of them arriving in your new contact's inbox. You can also drop a short SMS to your new contacts if you'd like, and of course, you can phone them.

Finding new prospects just became really easy!

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