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What Are Custom Emails And Why Are They Useful?

A fabulous core feature solving a common problem ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 19/10/2021 @ 8:00AM

Having built my own digital marketing platform, I'm well versed in sending mailers to a large number of people. My platform has this facility built-in for my blogging clients and it takes a lot of hard work to get a mailer into an inbox ...

Custom Emails are a fabulous core feature solving a common problem!

Custom Emails are a fabulous core feature solving a common problem!

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When I was creating the SLO Personal Contact Manager, I thought long and hard about this issue and decided against building a mailer system into it. There are a number of reasons for this, some technical, some ethical, but most importantly, it's because I'm not MailChimp.

"I don't have the convenience of tens of thousands of expendable IP numbers!"

If a mailer is sent and someone complains about it, an IP number can be blacklisted which means a majority of mail servers throughout the world will permanently refuse to receive email from it. MailChimp can easily stop using one of their many IP numbers if it gets blacklisted, but I can't do that as I only have a handful of them.

So, what is a girl to do when faced with this issue? Well, I thought long and hard about it. Sending a message to a single individual from your own email client has a far, far better chance of being delivered than a mass mailer. But mass mailers are convenient ... so the SLO Personal Contact Manager needed a compromise; a halfway house so to speak.

"I created what I call Custom Emails!"

You'll see at the top of any section that there is a drop-down menu with a list of Custom Emails in it. These are ones that you created yourself and you can order them too. They're simple text and they're limited to 1350 characters so you need to be concise with what you say. You can include a URL to a web page no problem, but can't include any HTML code.

As far as receiving mail servers are concerned, our Custom Emails are considered really safe, so the chances of it being delivered skyrocket compared with a mass mailer from the likes of MailChimp.

It is all done using your mail client (such as Gmail or outlook) and is triggered by a link in the SLO Personal Contact Manager, and usually opens in a new window or tab. You simply add your email sig to the bottom of the message as you create it as well as any attachments you want to send.

I have read and agree to your Terms & Conditions and wish to start my fully featured 7-day free trial of PCM

The assigned name for my PCM will be based on my email address and I can request it be changed via the PCM team once I subscribe

Please remember to whitelist all message from the domain in your mail client to ensure we reach your inbox

The email icon against a contact goes green when you select a Custom Email from the dropdown menu. Clicking the icon when it's white (no Custom Email selected) just generates a blank message to that contact. Clicking the icon when it's green fills in the subject and body that you created previously.

Here's a little trick for you: if you include #N# in either the subject or body, it'll replace it with the contact's first name for a bit of personalisation. I may add more hash replacements if needed in future, but for now, replacing the first name is what's needed.

Select the contacts you want, choose a Custom Email you created previously and click on each contact's green email icon. It takes just a few seconds to generate multiple messages using your email client. Add your sig to each of the messages that were created and hit send until they're all on their way.

"That's it, a halfway house solution that seriously improves the deliverability of your emails!"

And neither you nor I need to worry about blacklisted IP numbers or any twiddly technical setups that may be needed. So, get organised and reach out to everyone you know with the SLO Personal Contact Manager.

And with Custom Emails, you really can make it personal.

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